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Careers: Join, Lead, Excel

Join our team to advance your career and shape the future by revolutionizing essential business solutions.

Career Growth Awaits: Join Our Team

We're a comprehensive business and solutions provider. From bookkeeping, payroll and tax services to business incorporation and compliance, our team tackles a wide array of challenges, driving success for small businesses. Here, you'll contribute to innovative solutions across various sectors, offering you a unique career journey filled with growth and learning opportunities. Be part of our mission to streamline business operations for our clients, ensuring they thrive in an ever-evolving market.

Join Our Dream Team at Zapit Solutions

Zapit Solutions is where your career leap transforms into a boundless journey. Here, we’re not just processing transactions but building the backbone of small business success nationwide. Imagine being at the heart of innovation, where your expertise with tools like HubSpot CRM and QuickBooks isn’t just valued—it’s vital.

As a team member, you’ll see firsthand how your efforts directly contribute to business growth and efficiency. Whether breaking into your career or seeking a dynamic shift, you’ll find endless opportunities to influence, learn, and evolve. Beyond the day-to-day, you’ll join a community dedicated to making every workday rewarding and every challenge a chance to thrive.

We’re more than a team at Zapit Solutions; we’re a family of dream makers. Together, we navigate the complexities of business services with a spirit of collaboration and innovation. What is your role in this journey? To empower and be empowered, driving forward with a shared vision of success and satisfaction.

Dive into an environment where your growth is as prioritized as our client’s success. From day one, you’ll be embraced by a culture that cheers innovation, values each individual’s contribution, and blends work with a sense of purpose and fun.

Ready to make a significant impact? Zapit Solutions awaits your spark. Let’s ignite success stories together and turn ambitions into achievements. The next chapter of your career starts here, where every day is an opportunity to excel and inspire.

Our Mission

Redefine what success looks like for businesses across the U.S., with a special focus on uplifting those led by women and people of color.

We’re not just specialists in automation, collaboration, and the nitty-gritty of business operations; we’re pioneers, passionate about empowering every entrepreneur to reach unprecedented heights.

Our Core Values

Our Commitment to Community

We’re committed to impactful community engagement and align with organizations that resonate with our values. Our upcoming collaborations with the Shannon West Homeless Youth Center, Las Vegas Rescue Mission, Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada, and Family Promise of Las Vegas showcase our dedication to supporting youth, fighting hunger, and providing shelter. Joining our team means contributing to initiatives that make a difference in the lives of those in need.

We empower our team to get involved, offering volunteer opportunities and providing pro bono services. By working at Zapit Solutions, you’re not just advancing your career; you’re part of a larger mission to uplift and empower the most vulnerable members of our community. If making a tangible impact motivates you, we welcome you to be part of our family, where every effort contributes to a greater cause.

Benefits and Perks

As a small company offering big-company benefits, we’re dedicated to ensuring our team doesn’t have to worry about the essentials—healthcare, growing a family, or retirement planning. You’re investing your life with us, and in return, we commit to investing in you and your family’s well-being. Our comprehensive benefits, from competitive salaries and performance bonuses to health benefits and 401(k) plans, are designed to provide peace of mind and support your life’s milestones, affirming our promise to care for our own. Dive deeper into what we offer by exploring the tabs below.

  • Competitive Salary: We offer competitive pay to ensure you’re fairly compensated in the market.

  • Performance-based Bonuses: Earn bonuses based on your performance, paid out monthly.

  • 401(k) Plan: We match 100% of your contributions up to your first 4%, securing your financial future.

  • Time Off Policy: Exempt team members enjoy unlimited vacation time, while hourly non-exempt employees receive up to 3 weeks per year. Additionally, all team members receive 40 hours of sick leave and holiday pay for company-sponsored holidays.

  • Parental Leave: Receive 100% salary coverage for 16 weeks during parental leave, including adoption and foster care.

  • Health Benefits: We cover 100% of your premium and 50% of your dependents’ premiums for medical, dental, and vision plans.
  • Office Perks: Enjoy in-office celebrations and events to foster team spirit and camaraderie.

  • Free Snacks: Recharge with complimentary snacks to keep you fueled throughout the workday.

  • Company-Branded Swag: Show off your pride with exclusive company-branded merchandise.

  • Social Outings: Join organized social outings to bond with colleagues outside the office.

  • Professional Development Opportunities: Access training programs and workshops to enhance your skills and career growth.

  • Remote Work Options: For non-client-facing roles, remote work arrangements offer flexibility to better accommodate your schedule and work-life balance.

We understand that life extends beyond the office walls.

That’s why we champion a culture that encourages you to seamlessly integrate your personal passions with your professional pursuits.

Whether it’s flexible scheduling, remote work options, or opportunities for personal development, we’re dedicated to helping you achieve the right balance because we believe that when you thrive in your professional and personal life, you bring your best self to the table daily.

Discover how you can cultivate work-life harmony with us today.

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Salaried Exempt Payday

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*** Please note that Salaried Team Members commence employment at the beginning of the current or next pay period and are never onboarded midway through a pay cycle. This ensures consistency in payroll processing and aligns with our payroll practices. ***

Our Application Process

To A Open Position

Explore our job openings to find the role that best matches your skills and ambitions. Complete the application, highlighting your experience, skills, and motivation for joining our team, ensuring a perfect fit. So go ahead and find your career!


We meticulously review each application to gauge qualifications, experience, and education, determining the perfect fit. Rest assured, you'll hear back from us with an update, as we believe everyone deserves a response.

Get to Know
Each Other

We will begin with a recruiter interview, followed by discussions with key collaborative departments, a peer interview with potential co-workers, and concludes with your potential direct manager interview. We want to know you!

Interview Feedback
Or Job Offer

Either a job offer is extended, or we share constructive feedback on why the journey stops here. Understanding and transparency matter to us; we ensure every candidate knows the reasons behind our decision not to move forward.

Zapit Solutions LLC participates in the E-Verify Program.

Zapit Solutions LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer committed to diversity in the workplace. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, genetic information, age, national origin, disability, protected veteran status, marital status, amnesty, or any other factor protected by applicable federal, state or local laws.

Zapit Solutions LLC is committed to working with and providing reasonable accommodations for disabled individuals. Please let your recruiting specialist know if you need accommodation at any point during the interview process.

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